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Figure out what aspects of innovation include, and correctly face it
2017-10-10 10:46:16
       There are big and small innovations. Great innovation benefits the whole mankind, medium innovation can benefit the country or enterprise, small innovation makes life full of fun and vigorous. For an enterprise, the aim is to stay high, and the Innovation vision should be as high as possible, but the enterprise must be done well, and the details should be started without ignoring the minor innovation and the partial innovation. For an enterprise, innovation is divided into several levels.
The author believes that enterprise innovation can be divided into six levels, from low to high, followed by marketing innovation, management innovation, product innovation, business model innovation, scientific and technological innovation and cultural innovation.
        On the whole, innovation at a higher level determines lower level innovation, for example, management innovation determines marketing innovation. Without efficient, friendly and reasonable internal management, it is impossible to establish a good relationship with channel partners and end consumers, and it is impossible for them to succeed in marketing innovation. Many business owners will fall into a misunderstanding: channel partner satisfaction decline, consumer satisfaction decline, first of all, the sales department or after-sales service department a board, this is wrong. The first thing he should think about is whether or not his whole management model has gone wrong.
       In turn, lower level innovation will be counterproductive to higher level innovation. For example, the business model should be how to locate, how to determine the product performance; for example, the small yellow car is a typical business model innovation, product innovation, the GPS module, with the network and solar power system, are pushing out based on the business model. In turn, a good product with a high degree of innovation will lead to a new business model. Digital cameras, for example, shut down most of the traditional print stores.
       The lower the level of innovation, the easier it is; the more advanced it is, the harder it is to innovate. But this does not mean that low-level innovation is not important, high-level innovation is essential. For small and medium enterprises, low-level innovation is more important, such as scientific and technological innovation (strictly speaking, should be scientific and technological innovation) and cultural innovation, small and medium enterprises are of no importance. Small business owners can have high ideals, but not ambitious, seek practical results. The greater the scale of the enterprise, the more important the high-level innovation is. For example, Lenovo, the original strategy is the industry and technology, but so far, the core technology is to get on the table. Such a large-scale enterprise, if you can only do compatible machines, it would be too tragic. In contrast, HUAWEI has done very well in this respect.
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