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How to store silent expansion agents properly?
2017-10-12 11:23:28
        Before saw a news on the Internet, that is to say a district resident in the area saw the garage to a write silent blasting agent (silent expansive agent name, also known as soundless breaking agent) goods, because of the anxiety, he consulted for the sake of peace of mind, residential property related responsible person and get the corresponding reply: the product for a period of time piled up here, during the relevant departments to detect several times, and conducted related tests show that the products of non flammable and explosive materials. And also contacted the manufacturer, has been further confirmed that the product is not flammable, explosive and other security risks.
        Through this thing about, I believe we are the silent expansion agent had the further understanding, but in daily use, the silent expansion agent of the storing, there are still some important things to note, which say that the product to lattice moisture, but can not get wet in the rain. Please keep this in mind and strictly enforce it in your daily use.
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